Simply Unique International Exhibition

EC Automatic Group LLC is going to take part in the international exhibition Interpack hosted in Dusseldorf, on May 4–10, 2023.

There is much more about Interpack than just being an international packaging exhibition. As a leading global exhibition, it is the main source of inspiration for a packaging industry and all the related technological processes.

More than 3000 exhibitors from more than 65 countries will present their modern ideas, up-to-date concepts and technological views of packaging solutions. Not only the equipment for packaging and recycling will be presented but also the tools for the packaging materials production, the very materials and services related to the branch. There is much more about the trademark Interpack than just being a global event of a stunning scale. It also offers a unique international combination of exhibitors and visitors.

It is a perfect occasion to meet possible partners, to open modern packaging ideas and solutions, and to join an event of a global scale.

EU-Ukraine Solidarity Lanes

A blatant Russian invasion of Ukraine dramatically affected our company processes. The production volume has rapidly decreased and the defined logistics routes have become out of reach.

As a result, to date, our main goal is to enhance the import and export activity. The company seeks to develop new ties, come up with extraordinary solutions, find new reliable partners and is ready to face the challenges of the modern business world.

Thus, at the very beginning, the company joined the Business Matchmaking Platform EU-Ukraine Solidarity Lanes and is pleased to participate in international online meetings hosted by the Platform. We seek to present our new decisions and offer our goods and services.

Ukrainian-Slovak Business Forum

The spokespersons for EC Automatic Group LLC took part in the Ukrainian and Slovak Business Forum taking place in Uzhhorod, November 2022. The event marked a meeting of the Ukrainian-Slovak Intergovernmental Commission and the Slovak delegation to Ukraine.

It was one of the most large-scale business events since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. The event highlights included discussion of the priority areas for further cooperation in the spheres of the reconstruction of Ukraine, energy sector, infrastructure, logistics and transport, partnership in science and technology, industry and engineering, access to the EU market, and humanitarian and medical aid.

Not only did we witness the signing of the protocol on the joint agreement between the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Ukrainian-Slovak Council on Development and Cooperation but also it was a great occasion to discuss possible ways of cooperation with the companies’ spokespersons for Slovakia.

Warsaw Pack – international trade fair for packaging technologies and packaging

The International Fair of Packaging Technology and Packaging is a professional event hosted at the Ptak Warsaw Expo that is the largest trade and exhibition as well as the congress center in Central Europe. The goals of this event are to unite all the branches of a packaging industry and to serve as a platform for building professional business ties. The fair is being held on April 18–20 in Warsaw.

EC Automatic Group LLC is going to take part in such an important event. Face-to-face communication with international colleagues in the general professional sphere always serves as a reliable ground for the development of long-term and trust-worthy cooperation. We are in eager anticipation of the meeting!

When did the first lollipops appear?

The first lollipops appeared a long time ago. Historians assume that the first lollipops analogues originated in Ancient Egypt, China and Arabic countries. To make nut and fruit candies, they immersed the сandied fruits into honey. It was used as a natural preservative. Then, this treat was attached to the end of a small stick. Such candies kept hands clean.

In Europe, the first lollipops date back to the XVII century. Originally, they were common among doctors. The healing candies mounted on a stick were easy to use.  

The English word for a candy mounted on a stick is a lollipop that stands for “sweet tongue”. Americans state that such candies were invented in the USA during the civil war. Hard candies were mounted on ordinary pencils and were given to the children. For long years, lollipops remained a special mouth-watering souvenir.

The mass production of lollipops dates back to the XX century. The caramel production was a real breakthrough in the sweets world. The first release of a caramel candy mounted on a stick originates back to 1908.

George Smith, the owner of a well-renowned plant Bradley Smith, was considered to be the father of modern lollipops. In 1931, he managed to register the trademark Lollipop.

When did the doypack first appear and who invented it?

A doypack or pouch is a special type of flexible hermetic packaging that looks like a plastic bag with the bottom part that enables such packaging to stand up vertically if filled. A multi-seamed (1–5 seams) design with a flexible bottom is typical of a doypack. It was named after its inventor Louis Doyen. That is to say, doy- is derived from DOYen, and –pack is derived from PACKaging

Louis Doyen, the head of a French company Thimonnier that owns the rights to the trademark Doypack, came up with the doypack design in 1963. In those years, the European manufacturers failed to appreciate its novelty. Thus, doypak as a brand was assigned to Thimonnier without legally continuing a patent for an extraordinary (as of those years) packaging. It resulted in the doypack manufacturing technology being subjected to public scrutiny. Japanese manufacturers of packaging developed and fine-tuned the doypack manufacturing technology. Apart from polymeric doypacks, the manufacturers started to produce foil and combined layers design doypacks that contributed to more lasting quality and a longer due date of a product. Over the years, doypacks became popular in Japan and soon all over the globe.