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The first lollipops appeared a long time ago. Historians assume that the first lollipops analogues originated in Ancient Egypt, China and Arabic countries. To make nut and fruit candies, they immersed the сandied fruits into honey. It was used as a natural preservative. Then, this treat was attached to the end of a small stick. Such candies kept hands clean.

In Europe, the first lollipops date back to the XVII century. Originally, they were common among doctors. The healing candies mounted on a stick were easy to use.  

The English word for a candy mounted on a stick is a lollipop that stands for “sweet tongue”. Americans state that such candies were invented in the USA during the civil war. Hard candies were mounted on ordinary pencils and were given to the children. For long years, lollipops remained a special mouth-watering souvenir.

The mass production of lollipops dates back to the XX century. The caramel production was a real breakthrough in the sweets world. The first release of a caramel candy mounted on a stick originates back to 1908.

George Smith, the owner of a well-renowned plant Bradley Smith, was considered to be the father of modern lollipops. In 1931, he managed to register the trademark Lollipop.

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