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The final stage of new product
testing and certification

The final stage of new product
testing and certification

A flexible tubing is used in automation systems in various spheres. The primary purpose of polyethylene tubes is to supply (transfer) compressed air from the compressor to the pneumatic mechanism.

Today, Automatic Group conducts testing and certification of self-produced flexible tubing made of low-density polyethylene with the following diameters:

  • 4 mm OD х 2 mm ID
  • 6 mm OD х 4 mm ID
  • 8 mm OD х 6 mm ID
  • 10 mm OD х 8 mm ID
  • 12 mm OD х 10 mm ID
  • Working temperature range is  -10 +40 °C
  • The working pressure depends on the diameter of the tubing – up to 21 bar at an ambient temperature of 20 °C.
  •  Weight – 8–30 g/m, depends on the size of the tubing
  •  Hank – 100 m
  •  Color – white or transparent (standard). Other colors are available on request.

Advantages of our polyethylene tubing:

  • The tubing material is resistant to mechanical and chemical damage;
  • It keeps its shape, does not bend, does not twist ensuring uninterrupted supply of compressed air;
  • It provides high flexibility, tensile strength and great fit to the equipment or to its individual parts;
  • Intended for the non-food and food industry

Application of any frequency from 1–1.5 m with a laser printer is possible.

The production capacity is 1200–1600 km per month, depending on the size of the tubing

The flexible tubing can come in various custom-tailored sizes.

We are looking for partners to-be to sell the ready-made products in different countries including America. We will provide all the necessary information and help you to start selling.