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An 8-year cooperation with the
world-famous coffee manufacturers

An 8-year cooperation with the
world-famous coffee manufacturers

The modern world and endless technological opportunities call for an easy-to-use and good-quality packaging to store different items and food we opt for on a daily basis. And what if we could use the package several times and it was protected from foreign smells, humidity or dust, and a product saved its smell, taste, and texture?

There are plenty of regular things we had better organize and store in a due way. They vary from stationery and hairpins to clothes, medicine and small spare parts. 

It is a zip-lock tape that meets these needs. It is applied when producing a package at its top. The lock of a certain configuration in the central part of a tape is designed to provide several hermetic openings and closings of a package. On average, a standard zip-lock may provide 150 processes. 

The type of a raw material for a zip-lock and its configuration influence the scope of use and further purpose of the whole package. A zip-lock is frequently used in doypacks and vacuum seal bags.

Our advantages:

  • a special adhesive layer compatible with high barrier laminates at low temperatures;
  • a regular stockholding of the tape up to 2000 km;
  • a food-friendly tape due to the international manufacture certification FSSC 22000;
  • the product has been tested at the EU laboratory and has the Declaration of Conformity according to the European Plastic Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011;
  • our time-honored partners are the world-famous coffee manufacturers and packing companies;
  • 120-day deferred payment for regular customers;
  • free samples for testing at customer’s production facilities;
  • worldwide delivery.

We are looking for partners to-be to sell the ready-made packages in different countries including America. We will provide all the necessary information and help you to start selling.


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The type of material from which the zipper is made affects the scope and purpose of the package. what material do you need to make zip lock fasteners?

Choose your unique zip-lock color and protect your product from counterfeiting.